• Authorization in GraphQL

      in GraphQL

      GraphQL is a great new technology. It fills many gaps the REST leaves. However, there are challengs with GraphQL. One of those challenges are authorization and authentication.

    • Serverless GraphQL at the Edge

      in GraphQL

      Serverless GraphQL API’s at the Edge. Did I hit on all of the buzzwords?

    • GraphQL as an extension of Conway’s Law

      in GraphQL

      “Organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” – Melvin Conway

    • From Test Driven Development to Test Driven Design

      in Engineering

      Too often when we speak about Test Driven Development, or TDD, we speak about it as if it’s an investment. I think it’s time to change the conversation and talk about TDD as if it is an essential engineering step.

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