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    • Authorization in GraphQL

      in GraphQL

      GraphQL is a great new technology. It fills many gaps the REST leaves. However, there are challengs with GraphQL. One of those challenges are authorization and authentication.

    • Serverless GraphQL at the Edge

      in GraphQL

      Serverless GraphQL API’s at the Edge. Did I hit on all of the buzzwords?

    • Completely Useless Fun Project: Building The Parser

      in Compilers

      Last week, we learned about the history of the compiler and about the lexer. This week we are talking about parsing.

    • GraphQL as an extension of Conway’s Law

      in GraphQL

      “Organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.” – Melvin Conway

    • Completely Useless Fun Project: Parts Of The Compiler

      in Compilers

      This week I am talking about the parts of the compiler, doing a deep dive into the Lexer and Parser and showing how to build the Lexer and Parser in Python. At the end of this post, we should have a working lexer and parser.

    • From Test Driven Development to Test Driven Design

      in Engineering

      Too often when we speak about Test Driven Development, or TDD, we speak about it as if it’s an investment. I think it’s time to change the conversation and talk about TDD as if it is an essential engineering step.

    • Event Driven Programing In Django

      in python

      Event driven programming is an extremely powerful paradigm that allows you to perform some action because something else happened (the event). Django already has a rudimentary event system in its core, but it left things to be desired. Learn more about event driven programming in django and the inspiration behind django-event-system.

    • Completely Useless Fun Project: Building A New Programming Language

      in Compilers

      This week, I am doing something new. Something most people will shy away from. But not me! Why? Because I am a masochist. So what am I doing? I am going to start creating a completely new language.

    • Building Production Code

      in Engineering

      Last Tuesday, I gave a talk on building production code for Michigan State’s Spartan Hackers. In a bit of a departure from my retro theme, I am writing about building production code

    • Building An Arcade Controller

      in Raspberry Pi

      Last week, we built a retro-arcade console out of a Raspberry Pi. This week I am going to walk you through building a retro arcade controller to play your games!

    • My Experience With .NET Core

      in Emerging Technology

      I have been playing around with .NET core after having experience with regular old ASP.NET for years. While its a cool technology, its not without its thorns.

    • Building A Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine

      in Raspberry Pi

      I am starting to build a raspberry pi powered arcade machine. In this article, I will describe how I built a raspberry pi arcade console.

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